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This free educational webinar is based on EDLab’s 2018 white paper that was published with the Continental Automated Building Association (CABA).

Topics Covered Include

  • Origins of human skin cells in the indoor environment
  • How they are distributed throughout a building
  • Issues human skin cells cause related to indoor air quality
  • Methods used for qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Recommendations to manage and minimize their impact


Human skin cells are a frequently reported biogenic particulate within a building. They have been identified as the cause of foul odors, as well as food source for microbial entities. Over 99% of air and surface samples have reported positive for human skin cells. Non-culture based techniques reveal that it is one of the dominating bio-components in the indoor environment. Managing and minimizing these particles can significantly improve indoor air quality.

Hosted by:

Dr. Rajiv Sahay, CIAQP, FIAS
Laboratory Director, Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory

Rony Iraq
Quality Assurance Manager, Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory