How Bipolar Ionization Fits Into a Healthy Building Plan

This online session will run approximately 60 minutes with time allotted for questions and answers. Handouts will also be provided, as well as a video replay link.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Bipolar Ionization air cleaning technologies have been a hot button issue. There have been a number efficacy claims both for and against it. Backed by data from a year-long study from Environmental Diagnostics laboratory published by the Continental Automated Buildings Association. This online session will discuss how Bipolar Ionization might be an effective part of a multi-layered strategy for building health.


  • Understanding Bipolar Ionization

  • Differences in Product Efficacy¬†

  • BPI: The Good, Bad and Ugly

  • Ion Output and Airflow

  • Ozone and TVOC Observations

  • BPI's Possible Role in Healthy Buildings

Dr. Rajiv Sahay

Dr. Rajiv Sahay, FIAS, CIAQP
Director of Environmental
Diagnostic Laboratory

Troy Raszka

Troy Raszka
Director of Marketing
Pure Air Control Services

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